The company

Compañía Canoa Quebrada was founded in 1988, our core business is the distribution of branded textile, footwear, underwear and accessories of premium fashion goods.

We own 25 fashion shops located in different strategic parts of Spain: touristic cities in the Mediterranean seacoast, Balearic Islands, border areas of Navarra, Catalonia and Andorra.

We believe in the physical selling points strength that has achieved our success through years. This, together with our long run experience in the sector since1908 makes us a key player in the sector.

Our e-commerce business line www.bigjeans.es is thriving quickly, getting more and more importance on yearly basis.

We only work with well-known premium brands, because our target client, who mainly is an European tourist with high purchasing power, demands it like that. Likewise, the company mission and vision is to offer the best brands to the final client.

Together for a better world, Compañía Canoa Quebrada cooperates with Médicos del Mundo and Ramon Noguera foundation, in addition to Vallcalent wildlife center and different ONG’s worldwide.



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